Reaching Hearts for Kids (RHK, RHI KIDS), is the humanitarian outreach of Reaching Hearts International, a non-profit 501(c)(3) religious organization located in Spencerville, Maryland. It is our belief as Christians that compels us to reach out to those in need, especially children without regard to race, ethnicity, or religious association.
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Escuela Adventista Ismael Ellis - May 2015, Reaching Hearts for Kids began an improvement project for an 87 student elementary school in Cerro Iglesias, Chiriqui, Panama. For the past 80 years they have been preparing school lunches outside over an open fire, so our goal is to provide a fully functioning kitchen and dining area for the students. We built cabinetry with concrete countertops and storage space, installed a 6 burner propane range with oven, serving area, and a double stainless steal sink.
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Present Outhouse and Bathhouse

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Unfinished Kitchen Space

Running Water - During the dry season, water is carried one quarter of a mile up hill, by hand or on horseback from the river to the school where they store it in large barrels. At present, the school has a 2,200 liter water tank that provides them with about 15 days of water once the rainy season ends, which they use for cooking and cleaning. August 2016, the RHI KIDS mission team will return to Escuela Ismael to install a 21,000 liter water tank with a solar powered pump to provide running water to the kitchen.

In addition to running water, the RHK team will build and new Bathhouse, and an outhouse that can be deconstructed, moved to an new location where it can be easily reassembled.
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